Respecting employees, protecting them, and supporting their personal development have never been a more integral part of our overarching business plan.
This is why every year, we complete and sign this Happiness & Performance Charter. It summarizes the steps we have taken for diversity, gender equality, disability accommodations and our quality of life at work (QLW) policy.
We take care to assess how effectively we are complying with this charter in our day-to-day work, to best support the health of our employees.
Philippe Chapalain, Xavier Badina, CEOs


« Prevention is the best medicine. » 


1.1. Informing and educating employees about occupational health

The performance and stability of our Group go hand-in-hand with the good health of our employees.The Kepax Group is committed to making our employees informed and aware about health vulnerabilities that can impact their life at work. We have created dedicated happy hours on this topic. At these events, employees are taught about different occupational diseases so that they can better detect and prevent them. Another goal of these events is to identify contact persons for employees who have questions about occupational health. Informational material is available online and a “health kit” is provided to every new employee to remind them about good habits for prevention.


1.2. Learning about and preventing risks of occupational disease and injury

Preventing occupational diseases, workplace injuries and musculoskeletal disorders is critical to ensuring that Kepax Group employees have a healthy workplace and a career that can last them their entire working lifetime. That’s why Kepax is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction through employee safety.The zero workplace accidents target is reached by making sure each of our consultants fulfilling a contract for a client can get a quality control to assess working conditions.


« Building a complete company. Both singular and varied. »
The Kepax DNA is built around two strong values: excellence and team spirit. The Group’s performance is based on its ability to develop collective intelligence. Our talent is selected, assessed and promoted based on two universal and objective criteria: very high-level hard and soft skills.This means preventing discrimination and maintaining diversity within the teams is essential.


2.1. Promoting women’s business development

In an industrial world, where women are often underrepresented, the Kepax Group seeks to showcase them to encourage equal gender representation in all business sectors where we work.In terms of development, Kepax promotes and encourages all women in the Group in their wish to further their careers. Women Ambassadors share their background and tell their success stories to inspire and fuel this desire for growth. And our senior management boasts perfectly equal gender representation, which is a rare find in a company.


2.2. Expanding recruitment and retention of workers with disabilities

It is important for Kepax to demonstrate that temporary and permanent disabilities do not prevent a person from performing at work.
The goal of the disability policy is to open all positions to workers with disabilities and assess their applications with no discrimination. To do so, Kepax is developing partnerships with employment and disability organizations. The occupational integration association AGEFIPH and Groupe JLO, which specialize in QLW, supported the Group in its diagnostics; a contract is underway with the firm Défi RH to facilitate recruitment of persons with disabilities; and the Ducasse firm also supports the Group in raising employee awareness about workplace health vulnerabilities. For the last two years, teams of managers and recruiters have also been trained to recruit and manage persons with disabilities in the best possible conditions.
But this commitment extends to more than just recruiting: it also seeks to raise employee awareness about the concept of disability so that we can “work better together.” As part of this effort, we have appointed dedicated representatives to support those interested in receiving support and answer their questions. Role playing workshops were also created to help people better understand these issues.
The Group is aware that disabilities can be temporary or invisible, and that it isn’t always easy to ask a manger for accommodation. That is why it offers extra support for its employees in the form of a special point of contact to attend to their concerns and provide administrative assistance so that their disability can be accommodated effectively and discreetly.
This year, as a result of our work to raise awareness, three individuals sought disabled worker status (known as RQTH in France), which allows them to receive accommodation and overcome their occupational health vulnerabilities.


2.3. Recruiting and promoting without discrimination

Kepax is committed to ensuring that every candidate and employee has the same rights regardless of their health, gender, origin, political opinions, trade union opinions, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.


« Loyalty and stability are earned through trust. »


3.1. Training, supporting and empowering our employees

Kepax works for stable employment by recruiting its employees for open-ended contracts (78 hires in 2020).

The Group wants to offer all employees the best opportunities for development through high-quality training and support. This includes an integration process that starts before the future employee even joins the team.

Each employee receives personalized onboarding to show them how the company works and introduce key points of contact. This way, employees can quickly see possibilities for regional, technical, sector or job mobility within the Group.

The goal of DeepTalents, the Group’s training arm, is to enhance skills and share expertise by offering high-level trainings.

If they wish, employees can also apply for the role of Ambassador, which gives them additional status and responsibility in the company. Every employee is appreciated for their various skills and potential, which they can use to reach their career goals within the Group.


3.2. Honoring our commitments to our customers and partners

We are constantly seeking to improve our selection process to honor our commitment to performance. We must be very demanding to ensure that our industrial partnerships succeed. The three-step recruitment process systematically includes tests and reference checks so that we only select the very best. Our partnerships with engineering schools and business schools also position us to identify future talent.

To develop a high level of collective intelligence, we will continue to hone our employees’ knowledge and hard and soft skills with comprehensive support: relevant, qualitative training; engaging, caring management and encouragement to start new adventures, whether they are entrepreneurial adventures with our startup incubator Go Labs, or sports adventures with our sponsorship program.

This high level of commitment to our partners is based on fair contractual terms, in accordance with the Group’s values.


3.3. Doing our part

For years, the Group has been sponsoring organizations and associations that work for causes Kepax believes in.  For example, we have supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which fulfills the deepest wishes of children with critical illnesses, and Medair, which brings emergency humanitarian assistance to countries dealing with conflict or natural disasters.

By including disability-friendly companies (EAs) and work assistance establishments (ESATs) on the Kepax panel of suppliers, the Group hopes to support jobs for persons with disabilities.