Press release – Acquisition of the company D4care

KEPAX announces the acquisition of D4Care, specialist in regulated industrial processes in the pharmaceutical sector.

Kepax, Swiss industrial innovation consultancy group, has just acquired D4Care. D4Care is a company specializing in the improvement of production processes such as those experienced by the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or agrifood industries. From diagnosis to support for industrial transformation of processes, D4Care secures, monitors and optimizes flows through traceability solutions.

Matthieu LAFONTAINE, industrial engineer and Eric JABRET, epidemiologist and engineer in environmental biotechnology, are the directors of D4Care. Thanks to their long experience in the world of the process industry, they have identified that controlling flow traceability is an important lever for quality and cost reduction.

KEPAX has been the majority shareholder of D4Care since March 1, 2021. According to the two directors of D4Care, the choice of KEPAX to accelerate the development of their company was natural: the group indeed offers them a stable and solid base (financial center, HR, communication department) which allows them to concentrate on the development of their solutions. With KEPAX, they also benefit from the skills of the different companies of the group from the synergies that common customers can bring. Finally, KEPAX gives them the possibility of quickly addressing several markets on an international scale, in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Canada, Spain and United Arab Emirates.


Audit: understanding the customer’s ecosystem and carrying out a diagnostic of industrial performance.
Solution: the prevention of non-performance through the implementation of a digital solution that continuously detects, alerts and records industrial flow data.
Consulting: improvement and industrial transformation of processes